Thursday, May 31, 2012


We live in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains.  We see the mountains every day and never tire of them:

This is a terrible picture of the mountains, but I'm not trying to convince you of their beauty and majesty.  For purposes of this post, you just need to know (1) that I took this photo just a few blocks from my house and (2) I live really, really, really close to the San Gabriel Mountains.

Earlier this month, I saw several helicopters hovering near the base of the mountains.  I assumed there was either a wildfire or a stranded hiker and went online to see what the fuss was about.  

Bears.  A mama bear and her two cubs has wandered out of the mountains and were napping in a tree in Altadena.

My first thought was: "Oh!  So cute!  I hope they are safe!"  (See an article/photo here).  

My second thought was: "Hang on!  That's like two miles from my house!  Holy crap!  There are black bears in the mountains?  Son of a #&(@ what the &@(*&)*@  you have got to be @)(**@)#@@#!!!!!"

An Altadena resident saw the bears when he went outside for his morning paper.  I would have crapped my pants.  Not just figuratively, but literally.  Then I would have fainted and the bear would have had its way with me.

I have looked at the San Gabriel Mountains a thousand times, and it never occurred to me that BEARS live there.  Rabbits, yes; lizards, of course; maybe even some snakes; but bears?  I know bears live in California, but surely they live in other mountains.  As in, mountains that I cannot see from my front lawn.

Nathan, of course, thinks it would be cool if a bear strolled up our driveway. I pray that day never comes.  But if it does, it will at least be fodder for a good blog post. 

And then I will immediately call the realtor and start looking for a new house that is out of black bear range.  (Or any bears for that matter, excluding pandas, of course).