Wednesday, May 16, 2012

It's Like Christmas, But With Produce

Once spring arrives, I have trouble practicing self-control at the farmer's market:

How is a girl supposed to resist all these gorgeous fruits and veggies?  Asparagus!  Cherries!  Avocadoes!  Corn!  Strawberries!  And big fat leeks!  Aren't they beautiful?   I swear, the leeks started to weep when I walked past them, and I could not abandon them.

I tend to go overboard and buy more food than we can eat.  The asparagus gets buried behind a carton of eggs, and a few weeks later, I discover a science experiment in my fridge.  We don't eat all the strawberries and I feel guilty when they turn to mush.  Or there's a heat wave and I can't bear the idea of cooking, even if the leeks are wilting and need to be consumed asap. 

If someone wants to teach a course called "how to buy the right amount of food at the farmer's market," I will register as your first pupil.  (Please.  I need help).