Monday, May 14, 2012

The Guest Bathroom Fishies

Our guest bathroom has two ceramic fish "swimming" by the sink.  Whenever I try to explain these abominations to people who have not seen my bathroom, they do not believe me.  So let's just start with a visual:

(If you need to take a moment to laugh, I understand).

The photo actually makes the fish look good.  They look much, much, much worse in person.  (Yes, that is possible).  

Unbelievably, these fish are in the guest bathroom.  As in, the bathroom that guests use and see.  The prior owners thought these fish would really showcase their style and eye for interior decorating.

We do not have any plans to redo the bathroom, so the fish are enjoying a stay of execution.  We've done enough work on the house in the past two months (new roof, fun plumbing issue, another fun plumbing issue, and a repair to the air conditioner).  The thought of any more home improvement projects makes me ill. 

If you ever get annoyed at your bathroom, and think it's ugly, just remember my fish.  You'll feel better instantly.