Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Failed Experiment: Organic Shampoo

A few months ago, I became obsessed with the idea that I had to use organic shampoo and conditioner.  I wanted to be healthier!  Organic shampoo was healthier!  If I kept using regular shampoo, my scalp would start to rot! 

I went to Wholefoods and bought two different organic shampoo/conditioner sets.  My organic shampoos were paraben free!  and sulfate free!  with no phthalates or petrochemicals!  I have no idea what a paraben is! Or a phthalate!  But they sound scary! 

I assumed it would take my hair a few months to adjust to this healthier regime, but in the end, my hair would thrive.  This was a stupid assumption.  My hair despised the organic products.  The longer I used organic shampoo, the more my hair resembled a bale of hay.  If I had kept this experiment up until October, I could easily have dressed up as a scarecrow for Halloween - everyone would have assumed I was wearing a straw wig, but it would have just been my hippie-dippy paraben-deprived hair.

So I cracked.  Maybe parabens and phthalates are seeping into my scalp, but I doubt it.  The shampoo sits on my head for a minute, tops, and I apply the conditioner to my hair ends.  Am I really supposed to believe that this routine is going to give me cancer?  I think this is just a scare tactic used as a marketing strategy by organic companies. 

When I returned to regular shampoo, loaded with good old fashioned sulfates and parabens, my hair rejoiced.  I went on a bender at a beauty supply shop with my sister and bought several new shampoos.  After the hippie ordeal I subjected it to, my hair deserves some pampering.

p.s. Spellcheck does not recognize the words "paraben" or "phthalate."  Interesting, very interesting.