Monday, May 7, 2012

Television Shows: Some Current Faves

I am currently watching the first seasons of Downton Abbey and Game of Thrones, courtesy of Netflix.  I realize the internet does not need another blogger talking about the Granthams or the Starks.  But maybe you've been living in Antartica for the past decade, studying the molds that grow in glacial conditions.  Or maybe you are an alien that crashed on our planet last night and you are using the free wi-fi at Starbucks to contact your mothership, and you stumbled upon my blog.  Or maybe you are just really, really lame.  In which case, I am morally obligated to tell you: Downton Abbey and Game of Thrones are AWESOME.  

Downton Abbey is a period drama that begins in 1912 in rural England.  It takes place at one of those manors/estates that needs a thousand servants, and it's about the lives of the Granthams and their servants.  It's an ensemble show, and I love watching the characters interact.  I've only watched four episodes and already, there are at least twenty regular characters whom I adore.  

When I borrow a dvd from Netflix, I usually just watch the main feature and ignore the bonus features.  But I watch everything on the Downton Abbey discs, including the 30 second commercial from Britain's tourism board.  

Game of Thrones is a fantasy in the tradition of Lord of the Rings, except with more beheadings and less magic.  I've read the books, and the first few episodes bored me.  But I've been hooked since the fourth episode, and it might be time to bite the HBO bullet, just so we can watch Season Two asap. 

Now that I have written this post, I will sleep better tonight.  I cannot bear the idea of anyone missing these shows.