Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Note to Self: Homemade Shower Scrubs Are Dangerous

I love everything about expensive shower scrubs - except the price tag.  My inner Scrooge throws a conniption fit at the idea of spending $40 (or more!) for a small container of scrub that is going to get washed down the drain. 

I have tried buying cheap drugstore scrubs, but they suck.  If you have found a cheap but wonderful scrub, let me know!  But I don't believe such a product exists.  Drugstore scrubs tend to be watery concoctions that smell nice but do little in the exfoliation department. 

Last summer, before my wedding, I bought two lovely scrubs that made my inner Scrooge scowl.  But, I was getting married, and wearing a strapless dress with a low back, so I could justify the expense.  After the wedding, I hoarded my scrubs and tried to make them last forever.

Alas, the last bit of scrub recently went down the shower drain, and I couldn't bring myself to splurge on another expensive product.  So I made myself a shower scrub using olive oil and Kosher salt.  It was glorious and left my skin feeling smooth and moisturized, just like an expensive scrub.  Finally, a compromise between my inner Scrooge and my inner Bathsheba.  Hallelujah! 

Then I almost killed myself.

My shower floor was covered with olive oil, and guess what?  When covered with olive oil, my shower floor gets slick.  Very, very, slick.  And I am clumsy.  Very, very clumsy.  Maybe an Olympic gymnast can safely shower in a tub covered in a layer of olive oil, but me?  Let's just say I came dangerously close to falling and spending the day in the shower, praying Nathan would get home early.

I got out of the shower intact and immediately dried away all the olive oil with a towel.  WHEW.  DIY crisis averted.  And now I have a good excuse to splurge on some shower scrub: the olive oil might seem cheaper than the $40 scrub, but the ER bills make it way more expensive in the long run.