Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Worst Hand Dryer Ever

I like the old school hand dryers that blow air down, but now there are hand dryers that require you to insert your hand in a device, like so:

I don't like these hand dryers.  First, correct me if I'm wrong, but I assume they operate on electricity; and my mama taught me to keep my wet hands away from electricity.  Every time I use this air blower, I have to override a parental mandate and it feels like I'm just daring the machine to electrocute me.  

Second, the hand dryers are very powerful.  It's like placing your hands in a hurricane!  Has anyone studied the long term effects that hurricane-force winds have on the human hand?  In twenty years, I bet we are all going to have deformed monkey hands (but at least our hands will be dry).

And couldn't the manufacturer think of a better name?

Airblade?!?!  Seriously, you want me to stick my hands in a machine that is called the Airblade?  I already feel a little apprehensive putting my wet hands in a wind tunnel, but now I have to worry about some blade chopping off an appendage? 

I think I'll walk around with damp hands, thank you very much.