Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Our Favorite Everyday Drinking Glasses

You need to go to Macy's, right now, and get these drinking glasses:

I bought six of these drinking glasses last summer on a lark and they are FANTASTIC.  If you look closely at the photo, you can see the glasses have two layers.  You know what that means?  NO CONDENSATION.  You can fill that vessel up with soda and ice cubes and leave it on the counter all day, and the outer layer will stay dry.  Always.  The plastic glasses are also big and please even the thirstiest of husbands.

These glasses have one drawback: they are not immortal.  If you use them daily (as we do), they will probably only last about six to eight months.  When our glasses started to die a few months ago, I looked online to order more.  I could not find them online.  Crap!!!  So I went to Macy's and discovered they are a summer seasonal item - the horror!  the horror!  I looked everywhere for suitable replacements but could not find a glass that measured up to the glory of these bad boys.  So, we have spent the past few months living with half-broken glasses (because these glasses are so good, that broken, they are still our favorites).

But they are back!  They were at my Macy's, and I bet they are in stock at your Macy's, too.  These glasses are the Cellar (Macy's brand) and according to the sticker, they are "Style DBWLHBCL."  (My clerk told me he could order more.  I searched online for you but could not find them on Macy's website.  Stupid Macy's).

I bought twenty-two of these glasses.  Six are in the cupboard, and I am hoarding the rest in our basement.  If there's a fire, screw my wedding dress - I'm running for the glasses. 

p.s. If Macy's ever discontinues these beauties, I will have a nervous breakdown.