Friday, June 1, 2012

My Favorite Organizational Trick

I am a natural slob who prefers a neat, organized house.  My impulse is to just leave things lying around and to hoard everything, but I hate clutter and mess.  Yes, I am a paradox.

I am always looking for new ways to keep our home organized and tidy.  If I have a mindless system to put things away, it's easier to subdue my slob tendencies.  This is my favorite system:

It's a shoe organizer hung on the back of a closet door.  I saw this idea online years ago but cannot remember the source.  I use it to store pens, paper clips, stamps, labels, envelopes, and other doodads.  (Score yourself ten points if you can spot our lifetime supply of highlighters). 

I use this system for office supplies, but it could work with anything that is small and not too heavy: make-up, jewelry, Lego's, your collection of vintage souvenir spoons, etc. etc. 

Just don't use the shoe organizer to store your bricks, anvils and barbels.  It stores a lot of clutter and is pretty amazing, but it has its limits.