Friday, June 22, 2012

Don't Lie To Me!

 I just wrote a long tirade about the company that installed our new a/c unit. It was full of curse words and ALL CAPS, because I am a Tower of Rage and Indignation. 

Long story short, the a/c company lied to me about work that needed to be finished.  They said all the work was done and they just needed to submit some paperwork to the City; but now, I find out that oops, the work is not all done.  By "we just need to submit some paperwork to the City," the company actually meant "and we also need to install a new ground wire and change the polarity on two wires." WTF? Don't tell me all the work is done AND THEN ASK FOR THE FINAL PAYMENT when the work is not all done, and you in fact need to put in another effing wire.

I HATE WHEN COMPANIES LIE TO ME.  Don't lie to me.  It's insulting, it's rude, and hey, you're breaking a commandment. 

But I deleted my tirade. It was cathartic to write, but my tirade does not make sense, unless you spent the last six weeks dealing with this farthead company.  (By the way, "farthead" is my new insult of choice). 

So instead of a tirade, I'm just going to give you this picture of a tree:

I hate the a/c company, but I really like this tree.  So there's that.