Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Cranky Business Cards

I got my blog a present: business cards.

Every card looks like this on the front:

For those of you who lack Superman vision, it says: Rants.  Lists.  Stupid thoughts and lame confessions.  Book and movie recommendations.  Unsolicited advice you should probably ignore.  Misadventures and miscellany.  The secret to living a somewhat okay life (but not really).  The Cranky Pumpkin is a beacon of snarkiness but reserves the right to be sentimental at any time.

I think this is a pretty fair summary of my blog.

Then, on the back, each card is orange:

Sorry for the lousy photograph, but you get the idea.  The cards have different sayings on the back, including:
  • Got Cranky?
  • Read My Blog!!!
  • The holder of this business card is entitled to nothing.
  • Don't throw me in the trash!
  • SEX.  Now that I have your attention, please read The Cranky Pumpkin.
  • I like you.  p.s. I'll like you even more if you read my blog.
  • You don't smell that bad, but you should probably consider a new brand of deodorant.
  • Stop admiring this business card and go read The Cranky Pumpkin already.
  • Your wildest dreams will come true if you read my blog.
  • All the cool kids are reading my blog (by "cool kids," I mean nerds and dweebs).
  • Holy Crap!  How did you get your hands on such a bitching business card?
The last one is my favorite.  I had the cards made by Moo, and I'm thrilled with the quality.  I will be using Moo again for my business card needs.  They also make other products, like postcards and stickers.  I wonder if I need some Cranky Pumpkin stickers...

p.s.  I'm not paid to promote Moo, I'm just really happy with the product.  My cards came with some 10% discount codes for new customers, so shoot me an email if you want to upgrade your calling card.