Monday, June 4, 2012


I tend to have long term monogamous relationships with my shoes.  In elementary school, I lived in my white Reebok high tops.  I must have had five or six pairs of those shoes.  In high school, there was a Doc Martens phase (shudder) which was followed by a Converse sneakers phase.  (The Converse sneakers violated my Catholic high school dress code.  Most girls rebelled by smoking in the bathroom or going to class stoned.  I just wore my Converse). 

I still have a pair of Converse sneakers in my closet, but these days, I am in a serious relationship with my navy blue Toms:

I just bought my third pair, and it's a miracle I only bought the blue.  I want red Toms!  And beige Toms!  And the Valentine Toms with cute hearts!  I want all of the Toms!  (Well, I already own a pair of sparkly silver Toms that I have never worn outside.  I keep trying them with different outfits, but they always make me look like an asshole.  I'm officially too old for sparkly shoes.  So, to be clear: I want all of the Toms, except the sparkly Toms that make me feel old).

Toms are great for running errands, knocking around and ambling around your neighborhood.  They are the house slippers that can easily go to the mall, grocery store, or even a nice restaurant.  But these are not the shoes you want to wear if you anticipate a day of serious trekking.  The soles offer some support, but not enough if you are going to spend all day on your feet. 

Bonus: when you buy a pair of Toms, Toms donates a pair of shoes to a child in need.  (Which totally justifies purchasing an entire rainbow of Toms!  Hello, red Toms - I'm looking at you).