Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Resolution: Beach Day

In April, I wrote a list of Summer Resolutions.  Earlier this month, I crossed "beach day" off the list.  The day after our trip to Hearst Castle, we went to Goleta Beach, right near the UC Santa Barbara campus:

It should be illegal to build a college campus so close to the sea.  Do the students ever go to class?  What do they major in?  Surfing and sunbathing?  If you are the parent of a high school student, DO NOT LET THEM APPLY TO THIS INSTITUTION.  Your child will become a professional beach bum and probably die when a tsunami engulfs the campus.

Fortunately, school was not in session, and the beach was relatively empty.  We played frisbee, frolicked in the ocean, and built sand castles.  Below is the Impenetrable Fortress.  We built it within the waves' range and fortified its structure with seaweed.  Then we watched to see how long it could withstand the waves.  Our little fortress survived for at least twenty minutes!  We built another castle closer to our beach towels and named it "Gondor" because it had a Lord of the Rings vibe; but alas, Gondor was not a photogenic castle.

Nathan and I previously shunned the beach since we have a pool and don't want to deal with Los Angeles beach traffic, but now we are hoping to have at least a few more beach days this summer.  To that end, I recently bought us a beach umbrella at the drugstore.  I also tried to buy some beach lounge chairs; but when I was testing a $15 chair, the damn thing collapsed.  I currently have a bruised butt, and I'm sitting on a heating pad as I write this.  (Sigh). 

When my butt recovers, I'm going to resume my hunt for suitable beach chairs; but this time, I think I'll look for something that won't jeopardize my tush.  I think we can afford a little more than $15 per chair if that's what it takes to keep my ass in one unbruised piece, thank you very much.