Thursday, April 19, 2012

Summer Resolutions

I realize it's only April, but we've been having summer weather in Pasadena this week, so now I have summer on the brain.  Here are a few things I'm hoping to do this summer:

1) Learn how to grill!  Nathan showed me how to operate the grill last summer, but it still intimidates me.  I look at the grill, and I think "massive fire ball."  I assume that if I try to operate it, I'll lose my eyebrows and end up in the ER.  But it's too hot to use the oven in our kitchen during the summer and grilled food is delicious. It's time to conquer this fear. 

2)  I'm probably going to regret putting this in writing, but I'd like to have my extended family over for a BBQ.  Most of my L.A. relatives have never seen our house, and we do have a pool.  A big family BBQ is a good excuse to audition new potato salad recipes.

3) Play croquet!  I love croquet, and I bought a croquet set two years ago ... and never used it.  It's languishing in our basement. 

4)  Play with sparklers!  I bought a box of sparklers last summer for the Fourth of July and forgot to use them.  They are in the basement, next to the croquet set. (I wonder what I am going to buy and forget to use this summer... a bocce ball set?  or maybe a slip and slide?  do they make slip and slides for adults?  They should).

5)  Go to the beach.  I rarely go to the beach because from Pasadena, it is such a production.  There's beach traffic, crowded parking lots, and once you get to the beach, a lot of annoying people.  And why is there so much sand at the beach?  I know that's kind of the purpose, but sand makes me feel itchy and gross.  Can't we just banish sand to the desert and lay down some astro turf at the beach?  But I'd like to make the pilgrimage to the beach at least once this year since the ocean is beautiful, tranquil, inspiring, etc. etc.

6)  Start a vegetable/herb garden.  I've already bought a few basil plants - but that's the easy part.  Keeping the basil alive?  That's the interesting part.

Now that I've written this list, I'm sure it'll start snowing tomorrow.