Friday, April 20, 2012

My New Rocking Chair

I bought a rocking chair on Monday.  We are madly in love.

I think my rocking chair needs a name, and I'm leaning towards either "Gretchen" or "Hilda." 

Note One: I rarely name my possessions.  Yes, I have nicknames for our waffle iron and the navigation system in my car; but I have not named the fridge, washing machine, or any of the house plants.  I am quirky but in control of my quirkiness.   

Note Two:  A rocking chair obviously has feelings, dreams and a sense of humor.  But I recognize that the rest of our furniture are inanimate objects.  Except the living room couch.  Our living room couch is neurotic and needs a good therapist.  (Ever since my parents gave me the couch, it has suffered from severe abandonment issues).