Thursday, April 12, 2012

How To Spell My Name

My name is Courtney.  That's C-o-u-r-t-n-e-y.  I thought it was a pretty common name these days, but apparently not.  Whenever I order food or make a dinner reservation, people are confounded by the proper way to spell my name.

I can't fully decipher what is happening with this burrito, but that name is certainly not "Courtney." 

Okay, did the pizza parlour really think I said my name was "Coutery"???  What the eff is a Coutery?  That sounds like something you buy at the hardware store when you are refinishing the basement.  

This spelling - "Cartney" - is very popular with the Starbucks baristas. 

I'm always excited to see the latest way that someone will butcher my name.  When a barista knows how to spell my name correctly, I'm a little disappointed.