Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Even When It's Hot, I Must Sleep With A Blanket

Does anyone else have this problem?  Our bedroom might be 80 degrees or more, and still, I want to sleep under a blanket.  The flat sheet is not good enough.  I must feel the weight of a blanket in order to fall asleep.  Sometimes, I compromise and just cover my feet with the blanket - but this compromise makes me very cranky.

Where did this "needs a blanket to sleep" quirk come from?  From a survival perspective, it doesn't seem like a good trait.  (Also, yes, I'm not a good candidate for long camping expeditions. And I would make a lousy nomad).

Growing up, my parents owned two awesome lightweight blankets.  They were sky blue and very loosely knit, with a lot of holes in the fabric that functioned as a built-in ventilation system.  I have not seen those blankets in years.  [Insert howl of frustration here].  If I had possessed any foresight, I would have claimed those blankets for myself when I had the chance.  Instead, I just saved some stuffed animals and my worthless collection of baseball cards.  Why couldn't I have saved a useful childhood memento?   

I guess it's time to go shopping for an airy, lightweight blanket.  Shit.  The thought of finding the perfect summer-weight blanket is already making me cranky.  How is it that I'm 33 and I only have winter appropriate blankets?  I'm a failure of a human being.  (Don't look at me.  I'm hideous).