Friday, April 13, 2012

Bertrand the Cotton Candy Man

I went to the Dodgers game on Wednesday night.   I love going to baseball games, but I am not a very good fan.  I could care less if the Dodgers win.  I'm just there for the atmosphere (and the Dodger dogs). 

I like the leisurely pace of baseball games.  The baseball stadium is the American equivalent of a Parisian cafe, where you can sit outside and talk and just relax for as long as you fancy.

And people watch.  Oh, how I love to people watch!  I would like to introduce the MVP from Wednesday night's People Watching Extravaganza.  This is Bertrand the Cotton Candy Man:

Okay, fine, I don't know what his name actually is, but it should be Bertrand.  Bertrand obviously is a member of a barbershop quartet, but did you know he collects vintage postcards, runs marathons and owns a pet turtle? 

I wish I could have bought some cotton candy from Bertrand.  Look how fluffy and pink it is!  But the last time I had stadium cotton candy, I was at a UCLA Bruins football game with my Dad, and I still have bad flashbacks to that sugar rush. 

Important rule of thumb: you can photograph the cotton candy, but never ever eat more than a wisp.  It's probably best to just smell the cotton candy for a moment and then eat a big bowl of kale.  Just looking at these photos makes me feel a little ill.  Excuse me, I need to go find some green veggies.