Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lunch at Santa Anita

We had lunch at Santa Anita, a.k.a. The Great Race Place, on Sunday.  This is the view we had from our table:

Look at those mountains!  And clouds!  And the horses!  The Santa Anita race track was built on one of the most beautiful spots on Earth, and after a few rainy days, the mountains were showing off how pretty they are.  

Do you see the horse at the back of the pack?  The one that looks like it's out for a morning jog and doesn't realize it's supposed to be running as fast as possible?  Yeah, I bet on that pig.  (Le sigh).

As we left the restaurant, we rode in the elevator with the Santa Anita bugler.  He serenaded us, bringing new meaning to the phrase "elevator music."  We had already had a great day at the track, but this was the perfect finish. 

I wonder what the bugler's hourly rate is.  If I ever have an entourage, I clearly need this bugler for some extra flair.