Friday, April 27, 2012

Some Attractive Self Portraits

My favorite photos of myself are ones in which I am being silly.  The uglier I look, the better.  For example, I love these photos I recently took while playing with my mom's iPad:

If I ever have access to a time machine, I want to travel back to 1997 and use the photo on the bottom for my senior portrait in my high school yearbook.  Look at my abnormally large forehead!  And my tiny nose!  And my gorgeous double (or is it a triple?) chin!

Until recently, I swore I did not want an iPad.  I thought the price was too high for the value I would get from the device.  My iPhone is enough of an indulgence.  But obviously, I need an iPad so I can take thousands of attractive self-portraits.  (Actually, it's probably best if I never get an iPad.  Otherwise, I'd spend my days gazing into the iPad and never again do anything that even resembles being productive).