Monday, April 23, 2012

Downtown Los Angeles

I worked in Downtown Los Angeles for several years.  Do you see the two black towers in the photo below?

I worked in both of those buildings.  First, at a big law firm in the building to the left; and then, at a small law firm in the other one. 

Downtown Los Angeles has some beautiful architecture, but I never had the time to appreciate it when I worked there.  I was always stressed and rushing.  From the street level, Downtown Los Angeles is pretty ugly.  But if you look up...

... there are lovely old buildings just dying for some attention. 

I know almost nothing about architecture, aside from being able to identify things like "roof" and "door."  But beautiful buildings still make me smile.  You don't need to know fancy architectural terms in order to appreciate architecture.  (Same goes for classical music, wine, gardens and crap, just about everything else).

I've been downtown several times recently to meet friends for lunch.  I met one friend for lunch at Bottega Louis, which feels like a set for a Sex and the City episode.  It has a pastry counter that will make you swoon:

And don't get me started about the macarons:

During another trip, I rode Angels Flight, the shortest railway in the world.

For 50 cents, you can ride the Angels Flight railway car up or down a steep hill between Hill and Olive Streets.  And, if you've ever seen the movie 500 Days of Summer (which I highly recommend), then you'll recognize the park next to the tracks.

Look at that orange railway car! And the black trim! I could admire it all day.  It kind of makes me want to repaint our house orange with black trim (but not really).