Sunday, June 24, 2012


I believe in to-do lists.  I don't understand how people live without them.  If I had to choose between to-do lists and Mexican food, I would spend the rest of my life craving a cold margarita and bowl of guacamole - but I'd still choose to-do lists in a heartbeat.

Sometimes, when I'm writing a to-do list, I cheat.  I pad the list with stuff like "take a shower" and "check email."  Seriously.  My to-do list for an average day of errands might look like this:

- Go to Target: shampoo, soap, batteries
- Take a shower
- Pay and mail bills
- Home Depot: look at possible new screen doors
- Watch Downton Abbey

Seriously?  Take a shower?  Of course I'm going to take an effing shower!  I love my daily shower!  And watch Downton Abbey?  That's not a task!  That's my current BBC addiction! 

It's shameful, but I just love to cross items off my to-do list; so I purposefully include stuff that I know will happen, regardless of how productive I actually am during the day.  Some people live for runner's high.  I live for the thrill of crossing items off a list.