Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pool Season!

Pool season officially opened for the Cranky Pumpkin household a week before Memorial Day.  Nathan usually opens pool season by cannon balling into the pool when it's still too cold to swim; I dip my toe in and then refuse to swim for another two weeks.  But this year, I'm proud to announce that I beat Nathan into the pool:

I intend to log as many hours as possible in the pool this summer.  To guarantee that everyone has a safe and fun time in our pool, we just have two rules:

If you want to dive into the shallow head and crack your head against the floor of the pool, that's fine - just don't drown.  And if you want to spray yourself with suntan lotion while standing next to an open fire on the grill, that's fine as well - just jump into the pool when your body sets on fire (and don't drown).

I designed our pool safety sign online and bought it from Build A Sign