Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Muppets Mania!

I am currently in the throes of a Muppets obsession.  My love for the Muppets started as a child with the Muppet movies, Muppet Babies (one of my favorite cartoon series) and of course Sesame Street.  I'm told I watched The Muppet Show, but if that's true, it predates the development of my long term memory. 

I have loved the Muppets through the years, but the new Muppets movie pushed my enthusiasm to a new (slightly embarrassing) level.  And I almost didn't see the movie!  My husband and I tried to see the early show of The Muppets on the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend, but the projector was broken.  (I guess the projector guy was having a wild Saturday night, if you know what I mean).  We waited for 45 minutes and incredibly, in the year 2011, the theater had to cancel the showing.  WTF?  The mega-movie theater at my mall does not have a spare video projector?  And then, they cancel The Muppets instead of the latest Twilight crapfest?

But we finally managed to see The Muppets about ten days ago, and I smiled during the entire movie.  I have only one complaint: I deliberately took an emergency bathroom break during a scene that I was positive would not involve the Swedish Chef.  But of course, *&$(@Q, I missed a Swedish Chef moment.  My husband described the scene in detail, but it's just not the same.  (I guess I have to go see the movie again.  Right now!)

Now we are watching The Muppet Show.  Netflix sent us Season One, but we probably need to buy the DVDs.

I also want to design my own Muppet Whatnot, available here from FAO Schwartz.  You get to choose your Muppet's body, eyes, nose, hair and outfit.  I am overwhelmed by the possibilities.  Should my Whatnot have glasses?  A beard?  Does it need a Broadway showgirl outfit?  Or a lounge jacket?  I can't even decide if my Muppet Whatnot is a boy or girl!  I just know that I need one, stat.   

In the meantime, I am happy with the Beaker ornament we bought for our tree.  I cannot pick a favorite Muppet, but Beaker is a serious contender.  This year, Hallmark released a special singing Beaker ornament that's available at Hallmark stores.  Every tree should have a Beaker ornament, but here's a video of the ornament in action so you can vicariously appreciate its awesomeness.  Please pardon the shaky footage - I filmed this with my iPhone (and Sundance won't be calling me anytime soon).

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