Monday, December 12, 2011

Man Toy: The Big Easy

My husband Nathan made a turkey this past weekend in the Big Easy.  The Big Easy is an oil-less infrared turkey fryer that makes amazing turkey.  I used to regard turkey as a necessary evil that justified Thanksgiving side dishes.  When Nathan first used the Big Easy last year, it turned me into a turkey convert.  Holy crap, fried turkey is delicious! 

According to Amazon, the Big Easy can fry up to a 16 pound turkey.  But on Saturday, we were able to squash a 17.5 bird into the Big Easy cage.  (We did have to tie the legs together.  And the cooked turkey did not want to come out of its cage.  But hey, it worked). 

The Big Easy fries the turkey so you get a crispy skin and moist, yummy turkey.  But, it does not use oil, so you eliminate the danger of burning your house down.  Instead of oil, the Big Easy just hooks up to a tank of propane.  And its infrared, which just sounds bad ass. 

The Big Easy is safe, but we still set it up by the pool and far away from things that like to burn.  In case of fire, we can just kick the Big Easy into the water.  (What would our pool man think if he found a raw turkey, a propane tank, and the Big Easy at the bottom of our pool?)

Here's an action shot of the Big Easy working its magic on our tukey (imagine the most wonderful smell ever):

It takes about 10 minutes per pound to cook a turkey in the Big Easy.  Other meats apparently take longer, but so far, we have only cooked turkey in the Big Easy. 

I'm excited to experiment with other meats because, while delicious, turkey is a big production. We brine the turkey for two days, which means removing a shelf from the fridge and letting the turkey take over.  Yesterday, after we tranferred the brined bird to the Big Easy, I spent about 30 minutes sterilizing my kitchen with paper towels and 409.  Call it paranoia, but when it comes to raw poultry, I am vigilent. 

If you are looking for a fun toy for the man in your life, I highly recommend this device.  If you think of turkey as a blah poultry, the Big Easy will make you a turkey convert.  And if you already think you like turkey, you are going to have a religious experience.

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