Friday, March 2, 2012

Muppets Mania Update

I blogged about my Muppets obsession last December in this post.  Update: I'm still completely obsessed.

Nathan and I have been slowly watching The Muppet Show on Netflix.  We are about halfway through Season Two.  We are not racing to the finish line because once we are done, that's it.  No more episodes.  I'm not ready to handle that reality yet.

For Christmas, Nathan gave me a Beaker doll.  Here's Beaker, watching television with us and looking appalled (from his expression, we were probably watching an episode of Shameless - but Beaker always looks horrified so maybe it was just Jeopardy). 

We've also been listening to the soundtrack for the new Muppets movie.  The music is fun and upbeat, and we listened to it obsessively during out Vegas/Phoenix road trip.  One of the songs won an Academy Award!  I did not realize the music was composed by Brett McKenzie of Flight of the Conchords until Brett was on stage accepting his Oscar.  (Note to self: write a blog post about Flight of the Conchords; buy both seasons of the HBO show; downloand the album I do not yet own).

And in case you are questioning the depth of my Muppets Mania, please allow me to introduce Murray:

Murray is my Muppet Whatnot from FAO Schwartz.  Isn't he handsome?  As soon as I took him out of the box, I took this photo and emailed it to Nathan (so he could check out his new competition).  Many thanks to my sister and parents for giving me a gift certificate to create Murray for my birthday! 

I wonder how my Muppet Mania will evolve as spring arrives.  Hopefully I do not do something reckless, like hang Swedish Chef curtains in the living room.  I'd like to keep my obsession in the "eccentric but charming" zone and away from the "crazy and a little scary" zone.   And I think we can all agree that Swedish Chef curtains would be a lowpoint, even for me.