Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Post About the DMV and Office Supplies

Last week, I went to the DMV to finally get my new driver's license with my new last name.  This should have happened last September but it took FOREVER to get our marriage certificate.  I could write an epic blog post about my three trips to the Department of Records - but I won't.  The world does not need a record of that ordeal.

My trip to the DMV was swift and painless.  I had an 8 a.m. appointment and was done at 8:18 a.m.  Not bad for the California DMV.  

But I still deserved a reward.  After all, I had started my day at the DMV.  As I exited the DMV, I saw my reward: Staples.

I have apparently come to a point in my life where a trip to an office supply store qualifies as a "reward."  I had been to the DMV.  I could have treated myself to a new pair of shoes or a cup of frozen yogurt.  But no, what I really wanted was office supplies.  

Did you know that Martha Stewart now has a product line at Staples?  This should come as no surprise, since Martha's product lines are taking over the world.  Actually, the surprising thing is that until recently, Martha did not have a product line at Staples. 

But she does now, and I could not resist buying three little notebooks and some chalkboard labels.  I always carry a small notebook in my purse, and I am powerless before polka dots.  There was no question that I had to buy these adorable notebooks. 

But I spent at least 3 minutes debating with myself whether I should buy the chalkboard labels.  I know there are at least a dozen ways that I can use them .... but I also know that I will hoard them.  That I will keep waiting for a better way to use them, and then I'll forget about them, and in five years, I'll find them - only to hoard them for another decade. 

But I love chalkboards and I love labels.  And there are multiple labels in the pack, so surely I can convince myself to use at least one.  Right?  Maybe I need to leave the labels on the counter and then pour myself a very generous glass of wine.  Except if I do that, my poor husband will probably end up with a chalkboard label on his favorite shirt.  (Hey, that actually sounds like an excellent spot for a label....)