Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Whitney and New Girl

I am not a television critic, and I know there about a zillion blogs that analyze television shows.  But I just have to mention two of my new favorite shows: Whitney and New Girl.

I have been watching New Girl since it first aired, because I love Zooey Deschanel and want to go shoe shopping with her.  (She can try on all the shoes.  I'll just hold her bags).  I assumed it would be a girly show, but if anything, Nathan likes it more than I do.  Last week, we were so excited for the new episode, that we watched it live, with the commercials.  We just had to wait eight minutes and then we could have watched the DVR recording and skipped the commercials.  But no.  That was unimaginable.  

We only started watching Whitney about a month ago.  It is hilarious. If I had to choose between Whitney and one of my old comedies, like The Office and 30 Rock, I would have to choose Whitney.  The characters are so well-developed, and the cast has great chemistry.  It feels like a show in its fourth or fifth season, but it's just the first.  I hope Whitney airs forever.