Monday, March 12, 2012

Unsolicited Advice for Brides-to-Be: Keep An Open Mind About The Dress

Before I went shopping for my wedding dress, I looked at photographs of hundreds (maybe thousands) of dresses in magazines and blogs.  I mentally tried on dress after dress and decided I wanted a short, simple dress. 

My dream wedding gown was actually more of a wedding summer dress.  It was approximately knee-length, short sleeved and very simple.  Very simple.  I cannot emphasize how simple my vision of a wedding dress was.  Like, take the most simple dress you own and then imagine a dress that is even more simple.   

After dress shopping with my mother and sister, this is the wedding gown I actually chose:

My Initial Vision was a thing of simplicity, and my Actual Dress ... well, here's a close-up:

Yeah, my Actual Dress was not exactly a thing of simplicity. 

Pre-wedding dress shopping, I would have been willing to stake my life on the fact that I was going to wear a short dress.  I chose a floor length gown.  Pre-wedding dress shopping, I just wanted a dress made from nice fabric and zero frilly details.  The dress I chose is elaborately detailed.  It's hard to tell in the photographs, but there are even a few feathers gathered at the waist.  Feathers, I tell you!  But I LOVE my wedding dress.  Sure, it's about 10,000 times fancier than my initial vision, but so what? 

When I was picking dresses to try on, I passed over this gown.  I looked at it on the rack, thought "no" and continued the hunt for an  simple gown.  But my mom and the clerk Wedding Gown Guru  chose this dress, and I tried it on.  (Thank you, Mom).

So Spucky, here's my wedding dress advice: keep an open mind.  You might think you hate lacey gowns, but you really won't know if you hate lacey gowns until you try one on.  You might think you want a Cinderella Ball Gown, but go ahead and try on the slinky Great Gatsby number.  Just do not lock yourself into a limited vision until you have tried on a dozen different dresses.  Otherwise, you might miss out on your dream dress even though you are just standing inches away from it.   

I got married in July 2011, and now I have lots of opinions about weddings.  My baby sister Katherine (aka Spucky) is ten years younger than me.  Someday, she will get engaged and I will want to go into crazy big sister mode and inundate her with advice.  Instead, I'm writing blog posts so when she gets engaged, she can read (or not read) my advice at her leisure.