Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Random Adventure (that was not actually an adventure)

I recently found myself here, in this hallway. Alone. 

Doesn't this look like the hallway that time forgot?  Or like something you would see in a horror movie?  Can't you hear the echo of the killer's footsteps as the young heroine is trying to escape?  And the killer's footsteps are extra creepy because he has a peg leg, so instead of "step-step," you hear "step-thump, step-thump, step-thump..."  And you are urging the heroine to RUN as fast as she can, except her left leg was badly injured by a Rottweiler, so she is dragging that leg and leaving a big bloody trail for the killer to follow.  And she just needs somewhere to hide, but the hallway stretches on forever and ever, with no doors in sight... 

Fortunately, I was just in a weird old tunnel at LAX and a few moments after taking this photo, I emerged into the hubbub of the baggage claim area. But if a herd of wild animals had come stampeding down the hallway, I would not have been surprised.