Monday, November 28, 2011

Freezer Cam

My Achilles' heel is ice cream... and peanut butter... and cheese... okay, in the kitchen, I apparently have many weaknesses.  But for purposes of this post, let's just talk about ice cream.

In my house, there is usually some ice cream in the freezer.  And for several months in a row, I interact appropriately with the ice cream.  When it's time for dessert, I scoop a modest portion into a bowl.  I maintain a civilized and respectful relationship with the ice cream.

And then I snap.  And when I snap, I snap bad.  It starts with an innocent spoonful of ice cream during the afternoon, but the spoonful quickly escalates into a feeding frenzy.  Then, I black-out.  When I regain consciousness, I'm standing in front of the freezer, clutching an empty carton of ice cream.  My hands are sticky and there's melted ice cream on the wall (how this last part happens, I don't know).

But I think I have found a solution for my small ice cream problem: Freezer Cam.  I just need to install a small video camera in my freezer and set it to record when the freezer is open.  The footage will be automatically uploaded to a website called 

Freezer Cam will shame me into good habits.  Or, at least, I'll put on a mask before I go on an ice cream bender.  But the mask will at least restrict my ability to shovel the ice cream into my mouth...

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