Thursday, November 3, 2011

Do We Fall Forward? Fall Back? How Am I Supposed to Keep Track?

This Sunday, November 6, is Daylight Savings.  I can never remember whether we lose an hour in the fall and gain an hour in the spring, or vice versa.  I know there's a little verbal cue about Daylight Savings - you "spring back" and you "fall forward" - or crap, is it the other way around?  I, for one, am equally capable of falling forward on my face or falling backwards right on to my ass. (And have, in fact, fallen in both directions.  Recently.) 

And the same goes for springing.  Can't a person just as easily spring forward as they can spring backwards?  Any why are we supposed to "spring" in either direction?  This whole business is giving me a bad flashback to the gymnastics classes I took as a child.  I could never cartwheel or stand on my head.  I briefly mastered the somersault, but it always left me feeling sick and awkward. 

In one class at the YMCA, I was several years older than my classmates.  My classmates were a bunch of lithe and graceful six-year-olds who could flip through the air and walk on their hands.  I was the chunky nine-year-old who couldn't even touch her toes.

I have no idea how I got from the subject of Daylight Savings to my childhood gymnastics classes.  But, I do know that if I attempted a hand stand today, my spine would collapse on itself.  Also, remember to set you clocks back an hour!

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