Thursday, November 10, 2011

It Burns!

Ordinarily, I am not a candle person.  A lit candle is supposed to soothe and relax the soul.  But when there's a lit candle in my home, I just agonize over the ways that the candle might set the house on fire.  My imagination can sometimes be a serious liability.

But how could I resist these candles?    

I did not want to light my woodland creature candles ever because (a) they might start an inferno and (b) they are the most freaking adorable candles ever.  But I knew I was being crazy.  A candle's vocation is to provide light.  If I never lit my candles, they would languish and lead unfulfilling lives.  The candles wanted me to light them.  So I did.

For a brief moment, my candles glowed and looked so sweet and charming.  Why was I so worried about lighting them?  Do I really want to hoard a pair of candles for the next fifty years?

Then I heard their screams.



I quickly extinguished the flames but was too late.  Look at their precious wicks!  They are scarred!  I maimed by babies!!

I'm never lighting a candle again. 

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