Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Not-So-Secret Halloween Aspirations

I've mentioned my passion for Halloween decorations before (read about it here).  Someday, I would like to transform my home into a haunted house.  It will be tasteful, but we might need a fog machine.

In the meantime, I am very happy with my recent purchase, a $5 ghost that I found at the drugstore:

As a devotee of Halloween decorations, I am living in the right neighborhood.  My neighbors truly know how to decorate for the holiday.  Down the street, several houses have graveyards, including one with a coffin:

But you know what would make a graveyard truly shine?  A dead lawn.  Next year, we need to stop watering the lawn in July and by October, we'll be ready to install the graveyard.  Alas, something tells me that Nathan, a.k.a. The Lord of the Lawn, is not going to support this plan.  Boo.

But maybe we don't need a graveyard.  When I saw the tableau below, I realized what I really need: a full-sized skeleton.  Preferably one with a beret and a broken accordion.

And finally, this cat wins the award for the creepiest decoration in my neighborhood:

It looks like a possessed devil cat that smothers children in their sleep.  I hope some vandals destroy it on Halloween. 

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