Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Library Books Are Taunting Me

During an August heat wave, I sought sanctuary at Pasadena's Central Library.  The library has a powerful air conditioning system and a little coffee stand.  And, bonus points, you can sit and drink your iced coffee in the main reading room of the library.  Which makes me feel a little bit like an outlaw (but not really).

After enjoying my iced coffee, I decided to wander the stacks.  I had recently traveled to Maui for my honeymoon, which had me interested in the oceans.  Maybe I would borrow one book about the oceans so I could indulge my inner armchair scientist.

Twenty minutes later, I left the library with four heavy volumes about the ocean, earth sciences and the weather.  

I've now renewed the books TWICE.  In two months, I've flipped through about twenty pages in the Ocean book, and that's it.  Now the books are mocking me.  Would you just look at them?

I had good intentions.  I fully intended to read all four science books, from cover to cover.  Instead, they have sat on a shelf, with their silent accusations.  Every time I watch a reality t.v. show or curl up with Game of Thrones, they tsk tsk tsk and shake their smug heads.   

This is just one example of an ongoing problem.  Whenever I go to the library, I tell myself that I'm only going to borrow one or two books. And then, oops, I stagger out of the library with thousands of pages that will never be read. 

Maybe I enjoy binging at the library because it's like a free shopping spree.  Except it's only free if you remember to return the books on time.  Believe me, I know.  The amount of late fines I have paid since childhood is breathtaking.  I'm not talking about a dime here, a quarter there.  I'm talking about $60 here, $45 there...  It's probably on my credit report.  The library should list me as a major donor. 

Some people cut up or hide their credit cards if they need to save money.  I just need to shred my library card.

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