Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hallelujah, I Got My Flu Shot!

I just got my flu shot, and this is a major accomplishment.  I usually put "Flu Shot" on my to-do list in mid-September and then procrastinate until a few days before Thanksgiving.  This is not a wise thing to do.  

Every year, my extended family has a huge Thanksgiving gathering.  On average, three or four relatives look deathly ill as we say the blessing.  To these relatives, I say: I love you, but not when you have the flu. 

And to make matters worse, I always learn, after I have gorged myself on a dish, that its preparer has a 102 degree fever and just threw up in the guest bathroom.  Seriously?  I don't remember ordering a side of flu virus with my cranberry sauce. 

I then spend the next week worrying: Will I get the flu?  Is my flu shot effective?  The pharmacist said it would take two weeks for the shot to be effective. Oh, why didn't I get the shot in October?

Well, not this year!  My years of playing chicken with the flu are over.  Nevermind the fact that my arm is now S-O-R-E and I'm probably going to have a bad reaction to the shot.  Nothing is getting between me and the Thanksgiving mashed potatoes.

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