Monday, October 3, 2011

I Used All Of The Ink In A Cheap Blue Pen!

I realize this is not cause for a parade or even a small cake, but I still want to commemorate this event: today, I used up all of the ink in one of my cheap blue pens. 

In my world, this rarely happens.  I often lose the pen while it still has plenty of ink.  Or, more often, I chew on the pen and destroy it. Yes, I must confess: I am an incurable pen chewer. Here is the expected life cycle for one of my pens:

1) Unchewed: also known as "a pen Courtney has not yet touched."

2) Gently chewed:  I look at these pens and think "this is not too bad, my husband will probably not notice."  These pens are allowed to stay on the table, shelf, desk, etc. and be seen by the world.

3) Harshly chewed:  I keep these pens safely hidden in my purse.  They are my guilty secret (shhhh).

4) Mauled: these pens are beyond disgusting.  Even I do not want to use them.  I bury them in the trash can.

I suppose Freud would have something to say about my pen chewing habit, but you know what?  It could be worse.  I don't smoke, snort cocaine or watch Desperate Housewives.  In the world of bad habits, "pen chewing" is child's play.

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