Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Rowan Misses Katherine

I can't believe I started this blog ten months ago, and I've never posted about Rowan. Rowan is my sister Katherine's miniature dachshund, and they are madly in love.

After living in Los Angeles for her entire life (excepting a semester abroad in Scotland), Katherine recently moved to Manhattan for grad school. As much as she wanted to bring Rowan with her, Rowan is a Suburb/Country dog; so he's staying with our parents.

Rowan and I made a video for Katherine after she left. It is here on Youtube in case you want to meet the miniature dachshund in my life.  (Volume is necessary if you want to fully appreciate Rowan, aka Ro-Ro, aka Little Man).

p.s. I still lived at home with my parents and sister during law school when Rowan was a puppy. We played catch and chase nearly every day. Rowan is not content with a mere game of fetch. He wants me to chase after him for several minutes before he will relinquish the ball. Now Rowan regards me as his favorite aunt. He always runs for a toy when he sees me.

p.p.s. Getting Rowan to pose for the camera was next to impossible. He just wanted to lick my face and play catch.