Monday, July 9, 2012

Hatfields & McCoys, And Other Shows

We've been watching a lot of good television lately in the Cranky Pumpkin household. Some favorites:

Hatfields & McCoys, a six hour miniseries created by The What's My Old Stuff Worth Channel The History Channel. What a great series! I did not know much about the Hatfield/McCoy feud, and the show was just fascinating. They did a really good job capturing what life would have been like in the frontier parts of Kentucky/West Virginia during the wake of the Civil War. Kevin Costner plays Anse Devil Hatfield, and Bill Paxton is Randall McCoy. The casting was excellent, the sets and costumes were excellent, the story was excellent - I don't have a single comlaint about the show. The series is available on dvd at the end of the month.

Game of Thrones. I'm sure you've heard of the show. It's the reason we finally signed up for HBO.

Girls. Since we signed up for HBO, I figured I might as well check out Girls. That show is so raunchy. I can't even give an example of how raunchy it is, for fear I will offend my more fragile readers. But it's also hilarious, intelligent, warm and super addictive. I have two episodes left of Season One. I'm not entirely certain what I will do with myself when I finish the season. (I'll probably watch the entire season again in August).

Downton Abbey. I am all caught up to date! Love, love, love, love, love, love, love this show. I will have to own it eventually, so I can watch it whenever I'm cranky.

Final Offer. This is a new show on Discovery Channel. Four antiques dealers are bidding on rare items. It's like a classier Pawn Stars with a game show format. Recently, there was an episode that involved some Star Wars item AND OUR STUPID BITCH DVR SCREWED UP AND JUST RECORDED BLACKNESS. I almost hyperventilated when I realized what had happened.

Weeds. We've been watching Season Seven on DVD, and after we finished the first disc, we immediately sent it back to Netflix for disc two. And then I signed us up for Showtime so we can watch Season Eight as it airs. (Which means we'll probably be addicted to three or four more Showtime shows by the end of the year). 

Boss. We watched this ages ago, when Season One first aired, but I wanted to mention it now since Season Two starts next month. Kelsey Grammer stars as the corrupt mayor of Chicago. The show is gritty and reminds me of Damages, another excellent show (which we'll be watching soon, since Season Four is finally coming out on dvd).

Mad Men. And of course, we watched Mad Men. I still feel a little lost on Sunday evenings, now that the latest season is done. We're probably going to rewatch the entire series sometime soon.