Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Little Man

I went to New York earlier this month and although I have lots of photos to share from the Hamptons and Manhattan, I wanted to start with something cuter:

Isn't he gorgeous?! This is Rowan, my sister's miniature dachshund. We spent a lot of time cuddling while I was in the Hamptons. In the above photo, Rowan is lying on top of my legs at night while I watched t.v. He thought he was going to spend the night there, but I'm not that stupid. In the past, when I let Rowan spend the night in my bed, he migrated in his sleep and ended up sprawled across my neck. I didn't need to be suffocated by some dachshund loving while I was on vacation, thank you very much.

Just the thought of reading exhausts Rowan:

If you look closely, you can see Rowan's blue ball in the background of the photo below. Shortly after I took this photo, he deliberately rolled the ball into the pool (the little bastard), in apparent retribution for the fact that I did not want to play catch anymore in the heat/humidity.

And here's Rowan snuggling in my "lap." He's too freakishly long to fit into my lap, so he just scoots his butt into the lap zone and then wedges himself in between my thighs. He always positions his butt close to my face (the better to torture me with his rancid farts).

Moments not captured on film:

- Rowan pathetically crawling on his belly in front of the fridge in an attempt to trick me into feeding him dinner early. (The theatrics almost worked, but I had the smarts to call my sister first).
- Rowan eating too much grass.
- Rowan puking after eating too much grass.