Wednesday, July 18, 2012

And We've Reached A New Low

Yesterday afternoon, I got home from a five day trip to New York. I had a lovely visit. First, I stayed in the Hamptons and visited with my mom, grandma, baby sister, aunt and two cousins. Then I stayed in my sister's apartment and we had a jam packed day exploring the City. Last night, I went to bed feeling relaxed, refreshed and recharged by my New York adventures.

This morning, I woke up feeling crazed and stressed. What the eff happened to my To Do List? I swear, a monster snuck into the house while I was out of town and added like fifty b.s. things to my list of things that need to be done NOW. My sweet sister wants me to upload my vacation photos to Facebook, but so help me, if I have to even think about plugging my camera to my laptop, I will have a nervous breakdown and do something disturbing, like kill all the neighborhood cats.

I really needed to buy some groceries this morning, but I had to do some boring lawyer crap first. When lunch time rolled around, I was still in my pajamas, doing boring lawyer stuff, and there was no food for my lunch. So I did what any self-respecting telecommuter would do: I put some peanut butter in a bowl, sprinkled it with peanut butter baking chips, and called it lunch.

Shameful. So shameful. And I'm probably going to have the same b.s. lunch again tomorrow.

The day after vacation should be one of the most relaxing days of the year. However, in my experience, anything more than a 3 day weekend always creates a 48-72 hour shit storm of dirty laundry, spoiled food, and general domestic chaos.

Please excuse me. I have to go unpack my suitcase before I just throw my dirty laundry in the recycling bin and set it all on fire. (The clothing bonfire will feel good at first - until I realize I have nothing to wear tomorrow).