Thursday, July 5, 2012

My First Baby Blanket

I have wanted to knit a baby blanket since my Grandma Shirley first taught me how to knit, way back when I was in law school. In the intervening years, many babies I know have been conceived and born; but I never finished a baby blanket.

I tried! Seriously, I tried to knit blankets for a half dozen babies, but I always got disgusted with the yarn. The yarn for Baby Natalie's blanket was too itchy. The yellow yarn for Baby Annie's blanket was too cheap and started to fall apart. And so on. I accepted that I would never cross this item off my knitting bucket list.

Then I discovered Abuelita's, my favorite yarn store, which is a slice of yarn heaven in South Pasadena; and while browsing their yarn selection, I fell in love with Berroco Weekend.  Berroco Weekend is 75% acrylic, 25% Cotton, and 100% gorgeous. I could not resist buying a rainbow of colors (literally):

I followed the Purl Bee's Super Easy Baby Blanket pattern, and two months later, I finished my first baby blanket:

The blanket has been sent to its new owner, a newborn in Boston. I hope the blanket survives its cross-country journey! If it gets lost and ends up in a crack house or den of inequity, I will weep. Maybe I should only knit for Southern California babies?

I've already bought more yarn for my next striped baby blanket. The last blanket took over two months to knit, but with the Olympics coming (yippee!), I foresee many hours knitting in front of the television. (Is that ironic or just pathetic?).