Friday, February 10, 2012

Scavenger Hunt: The Valentine's Day Edition

Valentine's Day is next Tuesday, a work/school day.  I will be safe at home, telecommuting. In the evening, Nathan and I will have a home cooked meal, because I refuse to eat dinner at a restaurant on Valentine's Day.  So this year, I will miss the spectacle that is Valentine's Day.  (Damn).  But, in case you are out and about, here are some things you might see:

  • A bouquet the size of an armchair
  • A scary pink teddy bear (bonus points if it's the size of an armchair)
  • A woman having a nervous breakdown because her husband sent tulips - not the red roses she specifically requested
  • A terrified man, who just realized what day it is
  • A man rehearsing an elaborate proposal that will later go viral on Youtube 
  • A woman rehearsing the way she is going to dump that cretin who is never going to propose
  • Small child/baby dressed up as Cupid (very cute)
  • Small dog/cat dressed up as Cupid (very humiliating)
  • An adult dressed in reds and pinks, in a way that makes you smile and think "life is good!"
  • An adult dressed in reds and pinks, in a way that makes your soul hurt
  • A balloon bouquet that looks shockingly expensive
  • A florist on the verge of a nervous breakdown
  • A deliveryman who is lost and carrying a cumbersome bouquet
  • A single person who will not stop talking about how much she/he hates Valentine's Day, how it's a stupid commercialized fake holiday, how she/he does not need a gift on Valentine's Day to feel validated, etc.
If you can locate half of the items on this list, congratulations!  You are very observant!  And if you locate all of the items on this list?  I'm sorry, you need a new hobby.