Monday, January 9, 2012

Update: My Danish Neighbor

As I mentioned in this post last November, we have new neighbors and the new neighbors have a Great Dane.

The only thing that separates my backyard from the Great Dane's is an old white picket fence.  When she first arrived, the Great Dane would charge the fence whenever I went outside.  I was concerned the Great Dane would eventually break through the fence and maul me.

Well, the Great Dane has been my neighbor for just over two months now and things are worse than I could have imagined: the dog ignores me.

That's right.  The Great Dane ignores me.  When I go outside, my existence does not even register on her doggy radar.  It doesn't matter what I'm doing.  I could be training circus cats to jump through a hoop or constructing a tower from raw steaks.  The Great Dane would not even bother to look in my direction.

The dog thinks I'm boring.

I miss the good old days, when she barked frantically and charged towards the fence whenever I stepped outside.  Back then, we had rapport.  It wasn't a particularly harmonious rapport, but at least it was something. 

Now, I'm invisible.  Inconsequential.  When I got outside, I hopefully pause, hoping the Great Dane will at least give me the courtesy of a "woof."   I think I'm in the middle of a psychological war with a dog - and the dog is kicking my ass. 

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