Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy 305th Birthday, Benjamin Franklin!

Benjamin Franklin was born 305 years ago today - sort of.  He was actually born on January 6, 1705, but then the entire calendar was overhauled and his birthay was moved to January 17, 1706.  How unsettling would it be to have your date of birth changed? 

For his birthday, I tried to get my favorite founding father a card... but Hallmark does not seem to make any cards to mark a historical figure's 305th birthday.  I don't understand.  Hallmark makes cards to mark every possible occasion (including some holidays that Hallmark invented itself) - shouldn't there be specialty birthday cards for the founding fathers? 

Instead of a card, I will wish Old Ben "many happy returns!" right here on my blog.  (I'm sure Ben F. would have been a prolific blogger if he lived until the present day, so this is fitting - in a weird way).


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