Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Rose Parade Floats, Part Two

This house made from flowers makes me inexplicably happy.
p.s. I can't even begin to draw a house that looks this good.  My
drawing skills reached their peak in second grade.

Check out the detail on the lamb. 

For my next car, I want a trolley made from flowers.

How do the flowers look so fresh for so long?  These
flowers look better than the living flowers in my garden.

Elephants for my mother-in-law.

Heart be still: a float with a diagram of the Metamorphosis Cycle. 

A painting of a flower made from ... flowers.

This float is an ad for a Power Rangers video game.On the one hand,
it's a Power Rangers float, so I must hate it.  On the other hand, it's
an enormous robot made from flowers - and so I love it.

I emailed this photo to my Trekkie husband, who
was at work.  His response is too nerdy to reprint. 

This is the float for the Rose Parade Queen and her court.  I
think the Queen and her attendees should sit on the float during the
post-parade viewing.  C'mon, show some commitment to your craft.

Check out the glass of lemonade!  With ice cubes!  Awesome!

BIG crowds, and everyone is trying to pose with the floats. I
tried to respect the cameras but still ruined at least 50 portraits.

The End.

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