Friday, January 13, 2012

Telecommuting Confession: The UPS Truck

I have two confessions to make.

Confession One: I can identify the sound of my neighborhood's UPS truck with 100% accuracy.  I know the sound of that engine better than I know the sound of my own breathing.  Once I hear the UPS engine, I can immediately discern whether the truck is (a) speeding down the street towards its next delivery or (b) making a stop on my block.  If the truck is stopping, I can predict, with 95% accuracy, whether or not the UPS guy is delivering a package to my house.  

Now it is time for my second and truly pathetic confession...

Confession Two: A moment before I started typing this blog entry, I heard the UPS truck stop in front of my house.  Then, I heard the tell-tale thud of a package being left at my doorstop.  I am so excited.  I LOVE PACKAGES FROM UPS!!! I want to open the door and claim my package NOW, but I am forcing myself to wait five minutes because I am a mature adult with an exciting and interesting life.  But really, I can't stand the idea that I'm sitting here, on my leather chair, and the package is out there, shivering on the front porch. 

If I'm going to be completely honest, I must confess that I am only writing this blog entry to help myself pass the time before I am allowed to retrieve the newly delivered cardboard box.

Yay!  Time to get my new box!  I hope it's from Amazon!

And I've reached a new low. 

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