Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Little Man

Nathan and I spent the last week in Florida, visiting family and soaking up the sunshine. Remarkably, although it's hurricane season and humid beyond belief in Orlando, the weather in Florida was better than the weather we left behind in Pasadena.

I have Florida photos to share, but I'm too lazy to upload them to my computer right now. So instead, I give you Rowan, aka Little Man, my sister's miniature dachshund.

Little Man, dressed for the rain. So handsome my heart might burst.

Little Man, being sleepy and pathetic. This photo is currently the wallpaper on my iPhone, and every time I see it, my heart swells.

And last but not least, Rowan striking a pose with the Pacific Ocean. Look at that majestic torso and those cunning ears. So handsome!