Monday, October 29, 2012

Fun Chalkboard Map

I recently bought this chalkboard map from Dirtsa Studio on Etsy:

It's awesome! For our first "installation," I colored in all the states that Nathan and I have visited together. I got all of them except Minnesota (which we visited for about an hour while we were in Wisconsin for a wedding, but hey, Nathan's right - it counts). Technically, we've also been to Iowa together, but that's only because the Omaha airport is there. I ruled that waiting at baggage claim does not count as visiting a state. Sorry, Iowa.

Brief tangent: every time we fly to Nebraska, Nathan explains to me why the Omaha airport is in Iowa; and within five minutes, I forget the explanation. I think it has something to do with the river. It must not be that interesting. (Nathan is going to be so disappointed in my listening skills when he reads this post.)

In a few days, the chalkboard will be erased so we can play with it on Election Day.

Then, I'm going to color in the states we have each visited (red for states that just Nathan has visited; green for states that only I have visited; and blue if we've both visited the state, together or separately). I'm pretty certain Nathan wins the Who Has Visited More States Contest, but at least I have been to Alaska.