Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Who The Bleep Bit A Chunk Out Of My Tombstone?!

Every six months or so, an animal digs up our front lawn. This goes on for a week or two, until the animal decides to terrorize someone else's lawn. The animal never causes any permanent damage, so it's more amusing than annoying.

I have no idea what sort of animal is at war with our lawn, but I suspect it's either a cat, opossum or puma.

The cat/opossum/puma recently returned, but this time, it did not just paw aggressively at our lawn.

It bit one of my Halloween tombstones! WTF?! It's a styrofoam tombstone. It does not look delicious. It looks like tasteless nasty styrofoam. How stupid do you have to be to want to taste this thing?

And this is not the first such incident. A summer or two ago, the cat/opossum/puma bit up one of our pool noodles! Will this beast's taste for styrofoam never be satisfied??

I found the missing chunk of styrofoam in a nearby flower bed. I hope the cat/opossum/puma choked on it.

Halloween is ruined. I might as well eat all the candy today and give raisins to the neighborhood kids.